Textile Festival emerged from the need to showcase the potential of Polish textile tradition, and to highlight the possibilities of contemporary textile applications. It is the first event of this kind in Poland – a unique, innovative undertaking that can bring textiles back to the place where they belong.

The Festival also serves as an opportunity to connect all textile-related communities – from manufacturers, through designers, distributors and dealers, to artists and design students. An important role will be played by the exchange of experiences and mutual inspirations, which one day may result in compelling projects.

Networking and exchange of experiences will be facilitated by the varied programme of the Festival, featuring not only the main exhibition, but also numerous workshops and shows, discussion panels and lectures, as well as space for networking and sharing of ideas.

Leading Theme and Mission.

The leading theme of the Festival's first edition are CONTEXTS, i.e. various ways of using textiles. This, in turn, translates into our mission: to change the way of thinking about textiles, restore their value, and emphasise broad possibilities.

Curator: Małgorzata Bernady

An art historian by education, she has dealt with interiors and styling for many years now. Passionate about textiles, she knows all contexts of their application inside out. She often serves as an intermediary between furniture manufacturers, designers and textile manufacturers, which gives her an excellent understanding of all expectations, needs and possibilities of this industry. She analyses textile, fabric trends, providing advice and assistance to such brands as Meble VOX, NOTI, ARIS, ISTE, Decoratum and many more. She has collaborated with leading textile companies for long years now. Especially attracted to unusual contexts of textile use, she shares her know-how during presentations and workshops addressed to students, adults or children.

Concordia Design

Textile Festival is organized by Concordia Design – the centre of creativity, design and business. This place is a communication platform for various communities related to design, education and consulting. This is where most events of the Festival will take place.