Aleksandra Gaca

Holland-based textile and fabric designer, graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. Fascinated by weaving techniques and spatial structures, she creates textiles with innovative, three-dimensional structures. Her projects can be applied in various fields: from fashion, through interior design, to architecture, which puts her work on the border between art, industrial design and space design. This future-oriented approach to textiles has brought her numerous awards, e.g. Dutch Design Award 2012 and District Design Award 2012. In Poland, she won the "Absolute Creator" title in the first edition of Design Alive Awards 2012.

Aleksandra Gaca during the Festival:

14.11 – 16.11 – Festival’s exhibition
14.11, 18.30, exhibition’s opening, lecture (PL): Trójwymiarowe tkaniny na pograniczu sztuki, designu i projektowania przestrzennego.
15.11, 16.00, lecture (PL): Architextile. Trójwymiarowe, akustyczne tkaniny w relacji z wnętrzem.


André Stevens

Designer and decorator, a graduate of the University of Turun. International experience gathered in companies related to fashion in Amsterdam and Brussels. Long-term designer lighting in Dubai. In terms of interior design Andre advised celebrities, fashion creators and music stars. He run lectures at schools of design in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia and China. For almost 20 years he was the creative director of the design department of Kobe textiles. He was responsible for the international image of the company, styling of collection, fairs and showrooms decoration. Today, as a freelancer in the name of Kobe conducts - Andre makes workshops around the world. His last project was to establish his own studio of interior design.

Andre Stevens during Textile Festiwal:

14.11, 18.30, opening, lecture: Fabrics in stage settings and costume design (EN)
15.11, 10.00 – 12.00, workshops: Textile styling (EN)
15.11, 18.20, lecture: Textile styling (EN)



Marion and Sylvie Breton, a daughter-mother duo, are living and working near Giverny (France) in their studio “Atelier IDTextile”. Marion studied at the Duperré Art School in Paris. After graduating from the French Institute of Fashion (IFM), she worked for 8 years as a stylist/colourist for the scarf collections at Dior. Sylvie is a confirmed textile sculptor, applying traditional techniques to modern trends and the current craft revival. Through installations, original pieces, tailored collection for special events and exhibitions they propose a vision inspired by textiles. They incorporate a lot of techniques--including hand-made prints, embroideries, knits and large-format digital mapping technology--to create immersive installations.  As a complete sensorial environment, the installations, both in content and process, reflect their interests to reinterpret traditional textile techniques, mix and combine graphics, materials, colours and a surprising use of materials.

ID TEXTILE during the Festival:

14.11 – 16.11 – Festiwal’s exhibition
14.11, 19.00, Festival opening, performance
15.11, 18.20, lecture: Multimedia textile


dr Dorota Taranek

Dr Dorota Taranek is a graduate from the School of Fine Arts in Lodz also a scholarship holder of the Hungarian School of Arts and Crafts in Budapest. Her doctorate was dedicated to jacquards. Moreover, she is an author of artistic textiles. Dr Taranek specializes in designing jacquard textiles. She paints on silk and felts wool. Designing for the industry, projects of her upholstery textiles were used in airplanes. Since 1990, she has presented her work at individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Since year 2010 dr Taranek is working at the Institute of Textile Architecture, Technical University of Lodz, where he teaches students to design woven structures, drawing, painting and composition. The winner of many awards, for example: silver medal at the 14. International Triennial of Textiles in the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz (2013) and second prize during the 8. International Baltic Triennial of Miniature Textiles (2010).

Dr. Dorota Taranek during the Textile Festival:

15.11, h. 17.00 - Lecture: Jacquards.